These beautiful brides got married minutes after it was legalized in Austria

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Marriage equality is now recognized in Austria, and two women were the first to get married earlier yesterday.

In December of 2017, Austria’s Constitutional Court struck down the country’s ban on marriage between two people of the same sex. The court gave the country until January 1, 2019, to open up marriage to same-sex couples.

Nicole and Daniela Kopaunik got married just after midnight in the town of Velden.

“Now everyone has the chance to decide for themselves, if I want a ‘marriage for all’ or if I want a legal partnership, that was not the case before,” Nicole told OFP (translated by Google). “We decided to marry and are happy about it.”

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“We are also family and will have a family name,” Daniela said, explaining why she took her wife’s last name.

A group of people at the wedding
Nicole U. Daniela Kopaunik/Facebook

In 2010, same-sex couples in Austria only had access to civil unions.

The change was celebrated by LGBTQ organizations.

And LGBTQ people in Austria.

The country’s governing coalition opposes marriage equality but promised to respect the court’s decision.

Happy New Year from the LGBTQ Nation family

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