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Americans like transgender servicemembers more than they like Trump

Americans like transgender servicemembers more than they like Trump
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In spite of a recent move by the U.S. Supreme Court to let the Trump administration’s transgender military ban proceed, the most recent Quinnipiac University poll shows that 70% of Americans support transgender troops.

That number is higher than those supporting the architect of the ban, President Donald Trump: the same poll shows that just 38% of those polled approve of the president’s job performance. 

Only 22% of respondents support the ban.

“It’s crystal clear that the far majority of Americans reject Donald Trump’s reckless, discriminatory attack on our nation’s brave transgender service members,” said AMPA President Ashley Broadway-Mack via a press release.

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“Instead of singling out transgender troops for discrimination, Donald Trump should reverse course and honor them for the heroes they are. Transgender service members have proven time and again that what matters is their ability to accomplish the mission — not their gender identity.”

Both the president and the ban retain the support of conservatives, however, with Republicans opposing transgender troops 50% to 40%. Meanwhile, 94% of Democrats approve of transgender servicemembers.

The transgender military ban has never polled well: 68% approved of trans military service when the ban was initially announced in 2017. At that time, Republican support of the ban was 10 points higher than it is today.

The ban is, nevertheless, proceeding. On January 22nd, the Supreme Court gave the okay to proceed with its ban, even as legal challenges are proceeding in lower courts. This has put the careers of an estimated 15,500 transgender people currently serving in jeopardy while also weakening the U.S. military.

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