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A woman trashed a gay man’s apartment in a possible hate crime

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A woman was arrested earlier this month in Colorado when she trashed a gay man’s apartment.

Sarah Marie Diaz, 31, got upset when she learned that the victim was involved with another man. So upset that she allegedly went on a rampage in his apartment.

The victim called the Loveland police on December 10. When they arrived, police described his apartment as “in shambles with broken glass all over the floor, a TV hanging off the dresser from its cord, a table overturned in the living room and the floor and bed were both wet.”

The victim said that Diaz threw a plate at him, which resulted in a minor injury.

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Diaz, according to the police report, told police that she “destroyed his property” because she was angry about his “gay behavior.”

She also admitted to throwing the plate but said that she was trying to throw it at the floor.

Diaz used an anti-gay slur to describe the victim, according to police.

She is being charged with causing nonserious bodily injury, domestic violence, criminal mischief, and assault in the third degree, with possible bias crime enhancements.

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