His mom attacked him on Thanksgiving because he’s gay. His tweet post about it went viral.

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A gay man shared a message that his homophobic mother left for him and it has gone viral.

Masin Elijè said that his mother wanted him to pay for part of the Thanksgiving dinner. Then they started fighting.

“I hung up on her bcus she said ‘you’re mad with your life bcus you were molested and forced to be gay, you don’t have to be gay’ and this was the voicemail she sent me after I hung up,” he told PinkNews.

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The voicemail she left was even worse. She said, “Just forget about I’m being your mother, because I’m not your mother.”

“You’re not my child because I didn’t raise a child like you,” she continued.

“When you let that gay devil in your life, guess what? That’s when your ass started changing.”

Elijè, who runs a hair company, said that his mother uses homophobic hate speech often when addressing him.

“I hated her for a while because it seemed that every time she got mad, I was a ‘faggot’ or ‘gay bitch.'”

Update: We’ve been getting questions about the use of “he” pronouns in this article. Elijè identifies as a gay man and said he prefers “he” pronouns on Twitter.

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