This model was pepper sprayed in the women’s room after someone thought they were a man

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Non-binary model Rain Dove shared messages they exchanged with a woman who pepper-sprayed them in a public restroom.

Dove said that the incident happened in October in a high school restroom in Asheville, North Carolina. They were using the restroom when a woman pepper-sprayed them and then ran out, dragging her children.

Then, when Dove was washing their eyes out in the sink, a security guard came to ask them to switch bathrooms “because they thought I was a man in the restroom.”

“It’s not my first time being attacked in that kind of way,” they told Pink News. “But this is the first time that anyone has ever followed up.”

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Several weeks later, the woman contacted Dove on several social media platforms, sending this message:

Hola! I am the mother that maced you in the ladies room last week and I would do it again. I hope that pepper-spray burned the fuck out of you. I think it’s sick that you go into ladies rooms and you encourage others to do it on social media. Go to the 1 your ID says to! Keep your nastie dick away from us!

Of course, she didn’t know anything about Dove’s genitals or official documents. She saw someone who didn’t follow gender stereotypes and she attacked.

Dove responded with kindness, writing: “Why hello there friend – I’m glad you reached out. I was so tied up in washing out my eyes and talking to the security guard I didn’t get to say what I wanted to say before you left!”

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This person peppersprayed me in a “women’s restroom” a little bit ago. I didn’t get to converse with this being because this person just sprayed me and ran past with their kids in terror, asking the security guard to come in and confront me. I wasn’t even able to get the humans name because of the chaos and the washing. Proves being so awkwardly painful with contact lenses. But it happens moderately often especially while traveling that people get scared or volatile when I go into the restroom so I just shrugged it off and continued life. Then suddenly out of the blue this person contacted me again. We had a conversation and here’s how it went. We have a Skype convo schedule with a trans friend of mine as well to get another perspective. In exchange we are buying this person lunch via delivery. Just get the education out there. Stop the pain. Stop the violence. Stop the homogenous assessment. See me for my actions not my body. I am an experience. I am intentions. I am an awareness. Not simply flesh. #LetMePee #GivePEEceAChance #genderqueer #genderfluid #lgbtq #bathroombreak #trans #transpeoplearepeople #lovewins #seeME #educatedonthate #genderisthematrix #PoopHappens

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Dove said that they have sent a few messages back and forth, and that the woman was “getting guidance” from her church.

She even apologized. “I feel dumb now… I still don’t like trans people in the bathroom but I won’t mace anyone next time.”

They have a Skype call scheduled and Dove is sending lunch via a delivery service.

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