A man was arrested at Pride for stripping down to his underwear. Now he faces 6 months in jail.

Backs of people marching and holding a rainbow banner
Marchers at the 2014 Hong Kong Pride.Photo: Flickr/doctorho

A performer at Hong Kong Pride was arrested for public indecency when he stripped down to his underwear.

The 21-year-old was wearing only his underwear and a red rope around his waist while in the part of the street that was cordoned off for the pride march.

A man who filmed the arrest said that the men was a performance artist.

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“[He] exposed his private part in view of [the] public,” a police officer told Hong Kong Free Press, adding that he had already been released on bail.

If convicted, he faces a fine of up to HK$6,000 (US$766) and 6 months in jail.

Organizers estimate that 12,000 people attended the pride festivities, while police say the number was around 4200.

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