The founder of ‘Gays for Trump’ got trounced in his North Carolina election

Gay for Trump's Peter Boykin
Gay for Trump's Peter Boykin Photo: Facebook

The founder of North Carolina’s “Gays for Trump,” Peter Boykin (R), lost his bid for the North Carolina House to Amos Quick (D).

Quick, the incumbent, got 76% of the vote.

Boykin has gotten attention over the past few years for his ardent support of Donald Trump. He spent 2016 raising funds to get “Gays for Trump” billboards up in Florida and North Carolina.

Earlier this year, he was in the headlines for organizing a “March4Trump” in D.C. About 100 people attended, there was an “open mic” instead of scheduled speakers, and Boykin blamed the wind – yes, the wind – for the lack of attendance.

After he announced his candidacy, he did a couple of interviews where he defended Trump’s record on LGBTQ issues: he said that transgender people shouldn’t be in the military because they have a “mental disorder” and that Trump “is probably still friends with Caitlyn Jenner.”

Boykin posted a concession message to Twitter last night.

Even though he lost his election, the night ended on a high note for Boykin because his favorite person is still in office, just like he has been every day for almost two years.

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