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Trump may appoint a gay man as his new UN ambassador

Richard Grenell at a UN Security Council meeting
Richard Grenell at a UN Security Council meeting Photo: Richard Grenell on Flickr (CC 2.0)

While the religious right may be pushing former right wing Congresswoman and failed presidential candidate Michele Bachmann as the new United Nations ambassador, but Politico reports that Trump may go in a completely different direction.

Instead, he may nominate gay Republican Richard Grenell. Grenell is currently the ambassador to Germany – and he’s been extremely controversial following a series of high profile gaffes.

Grenell was hired by the Romney campaign to handle foreign policy messages in 2012, but was forced to resign shortly after being brought on the team after vociferous attacks by anti-gay right wing conservatives.

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At his confirmation hearings, one Democratic Senator brought up Grenell’s “litany of derogatory comments about women’s personal appearances” on Twitter. He was approved largely on party lines and, in a moment of delicious irony, sworn in by noted homophobe and vice president, Mike Pence.

“Ric is doing so well that I wouldn’t want to move him,” Trump told reporters after Nikki Haley abruptly resigned shortly after ethics complaints were lodged against her.

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But insiders have continued pushing Grenell’s name forward, citing his time as America’s UN spokesman. The gay Republican met with members of Trump’s staff last week to discuss the position.

“The president really likes him,” one former senior White House official told Politico. Another official said Grenell is the “favorite” for the position.

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