Republican Senator Lindsey Graham denies he’s gay after Chelsea Handler ‘outs’ him

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham denying that he is gay to a reporter in Washington National Airport.Photo: TMZ screenshot

Comedian Chelsea Handler took a shot at Republican Senator Lindsey Graham yesterday on National Coming Out Day. Handler insinuated that Graham is a closeted gay man in a tweet.

Graham’s sexuality is an open secret in Washington DC and his home state of South Carolina. He is notoriously hostile to any pro-LGBTQ legislation.

Handler is hardly the only one to make the charge that Graham is a closet case. Just last month, Rosie O’Donnell also made the allegation on Twitter.

When a reporter from TMZ approached Graham at Washington National Airport, he asked the Senator about Handler’s tweet.

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“It’s a free country. She can say what she wants to say. I don’t care,” Graham told the reporter. “She knows zero about me. To the extent that it matters, I’m not gay.”

“We’re moving on from that. Belittling people isn’t as funny as it used to be.”

Which is absolutely hilarious coming from one of President Trump’s biggest supporters.

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