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Instagram deletes Milo post that said he was ‘sad’ the #MAGABomber’s bombs didn’t work

A screenshot of the post was caught before it was removed.
A screenshot of the post was caught before it was removed.Photo: Screenshot/Instagram via The Daily Beast

Instagram has deleted a post written by Milo Yiannopoulos, citing its policy against supporting crime.

This past Thursday, Yiannopoulos posted to Instagram that he was “sad” that the #MAGABomber Cesar Sayoc’s pipe bombs didn’t work. Sayoc sent 14 bombs by mail to prominent Democrats in an attempt to kill them.

“Just catching up with news of all these pipe bombs,” he wrote. “Disgusting and sad (that they didn’t go off, and the daily beast didn’t get one).”

The post was reported and initially Instagram refused to take it down, saying that it “does not violate our Community Guidelines.”

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Two hours later, though, Instagram changed its mind.

“This content violates our policies and has been removed from Instagram and Facebook,” an Instagram spokesperson said. “We prohibit celebration or praise of crimes committed, and we will remove content praising a bombing attempt as soon as we’re aware.”

Instead of standing by his statement, Yiannopoulos said that it was a “joke” and – perhaps to stress how difficult it is to tell when he’s joking – said that the bombs were a “false flag designed to distract us from the democrat funded and organized illegal migrant caravan.”

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