Here’s how celebrities & activists are protesting Trump’s latest attack on transgender people

Activists protest outside the White House after news leaks that the administration is considering radically redefining the definition of "gender" to erase transgender people out of civil rights law.Photo: National Center for Transgender Equality/Twitter

A leaked Department of Health and Human Services memo that describes an effort to redefine sex in federal law as “a person’s status as male or female based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth” spawned a protest in New York City last night and another at the White House this afternoon.

Sex would be defined by a person’s birth certificate, with any disputes settled with DNA testing. The purpose of the redefinition is to deny transgender people protection under federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex.

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While activists took to the streets, celebrities took to social media to share in the outrage.

HAPPENING NOW: We’re rallying in front of the White House to tell President Trump that transgender people #WontBeErased.

Posted by National Center for Transgender Equality on Monday, October 22, 2018


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