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You can still buy an official ‘LGBTQ for Trump’ T-shirt, despite all the attacks

Official LGBTQ For Trump T-Shirt

The Trump administration has been hostile to LGBTQ rights. Shortly after Donald Trump took office, LGBTQ people were removed from the websites of most of his administration’s departments, setting the tone in Washington for the rights of LGBTQ people

Vice President Mike Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions started the “Religious Liberty” task force, aiming squarely at LGBTQ and abortion rights, while the President set to remove transgender people from military service.

In the last week, the administration made its strongest attack on LGBTQ rights, threatening to erase transgender people from the policies of the Departments of Health and Human Services, the Department of Labor, the Department of Education, and the Department of Justice.

With all this animus, one might be forgiven if they were shocked to find an “LGBTQ for Trump” t-shirt still for sale in the store section of the Donald J. Trump website.

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Dave Levinthal, the federal politics editor and senior reporter at The Center for Public Integrity, spotted the shirt recently.

As Levinthal pointed out, the funds made from the sale of this and other merchandise help fun Trump’s 2020 bid for re-election.

The shirt, promoted as a way to “Show your pride and your support for Trump,” has been reduced in price. One might presume it is not that big a seller these days.

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