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Pat Robertson prays to ‘throw confusion’ on Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers

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Pat Robertson asked God to “throw confusion” on the women who have accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

Speaking on The 700 Club, Robertson said that the Supreme Court is “the power center of the liberal left.”

“They have done their bidding for years and years and years, and now comes a decisive moment as to whether they will lose control of that particular body and they are putting an all-out assault to destroy the reputation of one of the finest judges in America,” Robertson said.

He said that the accusations against Kavanaugh are “unbelievable,” and that anyone who believes the women would be “willing to buy the story of the Great Pumpkin and any other myth that you can think of.”

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Like how Robertson can leg press 2000 pounds because of the “age-defying energy shake” he sells? Or how he prayed for a “shield” around Virginia that protected it from Hurricane Florence?

One would think that Robertson would be careful not to insult gullible people – they’re his target audience.

Robertson then prayed that God would let someone who might be a serial rapist get a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court without a proper investigation because he shares Robertson’s political beliefs and sexism…. That is, that God would “throw confusion” on the people accusing a “good man” of rape.

Throw confusion into those who are bringing false accusations against a future Supreme Court judge. Father, even as David said, ‘Throw confusion into the counsel of Ahitophel,’ we pray that, somehow, the Holy Spirit of God will throw confusion into the counsel of these myriad accusers who are coming forth against a good man who can serve honorably for decades to come in the Supreme Court. Lord, do it. We pray in the name of Jesus, throw confusion into their counsel. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

If you’re curious, Ahitophel was one of King David’s most trusted advisors, but he betrayed the king and helped Absalom lead a rebellion. He’s considered the Old Testament’s Judas, a traitor.

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