A guidance counselor who was outed & fired by her school talks to Ellen



Shelly Fitzgerald, a guidance counselor at Roncalli High School, a Catholic school in Indianapolis, appeared on Ellen’s show today.

Earlier this year, Fitzgerald’s bosses found out that she was married to a woman when someone got her marriage certificate from the county and sent it in.

She was told that she could get divorced, resign, or quietly finish the school year and then leave. She didn’t like those options, so a week later she was placed on leave.

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Fitzgerald said that the school put out a press release about her that informed students and parents that she was married to a woman.

“So they outed you?” Ellen asked. “A lot of people were learning that you’re gay by them doing that?”

“Correct,” Fitzgerald responded.

Some of her students appeared on the show too, and many of them showed support for Fitzgerald.

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