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Most Russians think there’s a secret LGBT group trying to undermine their society

Most Russians think there’s a secret LGBT group trying to undermine their society
Propaganda cartoon tweeted by the Russian embassy in Britain Photo: Twitter

A new study being pushed by the Kremlin proves that Russians are just as stupid as Americans.

63% of Russians believe “there is a group of people who are trying to destroy the spiritual values ​​formed by Russians, through the propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.”

As with American conspiracy theorists, the Russian government hasn’t shied away from promoting the conspiracy theory to use LGBT people as scapegoats for their own failings.

Russia’s “gay propaganda” law prohibits anyone from “promoting homosexuality to minors.” So far, only a teenager who posted photos of shirtless men hugging on social media has been prosecuted and convicted under the law.

Which might explain why almost half of Russians between the ages of 18-24 agreed with this statement instead: “There is no propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations in Russia. People who advocate for the rights of members of sexual minorities in Russia do not pursue destructive goals.”

Meanwhile, the American religious right regularly pedals the same conspiracy theories about LGBT people trying to take over modern society for twisted ends. Like, you know, the musical “Oklahoma.”

In related news, two-thirds of Russians “believe that there is a group of people who want to rewrite Russian history, to substitute historical facts to harm Russia, to diminish its greatness.”

Sound familiar? There’s probably good people on “both sides.”

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