Is the LGBTQ community really taking away adoption rights from Christians?

Is the LGBTQ community really taking away adoption rights from Christians?
Lesbians mothers with adopted child.Photo: Shutterstock

An article published yesterday on LifeSite claims kids are “getting hurt” because LGBTQ activists are forcing straight Christians out of adoption services. Furthermore, the article states that “a Catholic organization can no longer govern itself by Catholic principles and stay in business. When it comes to adoption and foster services, Christians need not apply.”

The article states that Christians have been discriminated against even though they have held the same views on human sexuality for nearly 2,000 years. The author refers to the LGBTQ “evolution” as “lightning-fast” and offers that adoption agencies call Christians “too bigoted to help children.”

We can’t imagine why anyone would assume such a thing, but here’s a quick way the Catholic Church can fix their history of covering up child abuse.

Then there was this part: “You can take your children to a Pride parade, where they will in all likelihood be exposed to nude middle-aged men, BDSM practices, simulated sex, and other such indecency, and you will be applauded by the media, the politicians, and the cultural tastemakers as an open-minded and excellent parent. But if you suggest that perhaps children shouldn’t be exposed to such things, then you just might find yourself declared too hateful to raise a child.”

The United States has nearly 440,000 children in foster care, more than 117,000 of whom are waiting to be adopted.

Each year, less than half of those are adopted into permanent placements, and tens of thousands age out of the foster care system before they can find an adoptive family.

Foster and adoption agencies have cited religious exemption in numerous court cases against the LGBTQ community already in 2018. Four states have either considered or passed legislation to allow agencies to discriminate.

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