A bag of sex toys shuts down Berlin Airport and owner’s response is perfect

Berlin Airport / Press Image

A bag of sex toys shut down an entire terminal at Berlin’s Schönefeld Airport after being mistaken for a bomb.

Yes, this really happened.

Airport security employees were conducting a routine X-ray visual of luggage when they noticed “suspicious content in a luggage piece,” according to the federal police in Berlin.

They proactively shut down Terminal D and made an announcement regarding the suspicious package before realizing that the item was indeed a vibrator.

“After 60 tense minutes, [the member of the bomb squad] returned laughing,” one passenger said.

The owner of the bag was called over the airport speaker system and eventually talked to police about his luggage, but referred to the items as “technical” items, perhaps out of embarrassment.

“The hand grenade was in fact a vibrator from Ann Summers that my girlfriend and I had purchased two weeks previous,” the owner of the bag shared.

The terminal was reopened about an hour after the incident.

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