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Trans people were misgendered & confronted in bathrooms at an LGBTQ concert

Imagine Dragons performed at LoveLoud.Photo: Screenshot/Fox 13

The LoveLoud concert in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a fundraising event for LGBTQ charities like The Trevor Project and The Tegan and Sara Foundation. The annual event was started by Dan Reynolds, lead singer of pop-rock band Imagine Dragons.

So it’s disconcerting that transgender people were confronted and misgendered at bathrooms at the event this past Saturday.

Bobbee Trans Mooremon, who’s on the board of Queer Meals, said that she was called out by a man in a part of the concert reserved for charities and supporters.

“When I was confronted, saying I was in the wrong bathroom, it kind of threw me off,” she said, adding that while the man didn’t threaten her, she felt unsafe.

She talked about the situation with other members of Queer Meals, and they decided to leave. So did Provo Pride.

Brianna Cluck of Provo Pride said that LoveLoud organizers assured them that “all of the bathrooms were going to be gender inclusive,” but when she arrived she found that only two bathrooms were labeled inclusive.

She said it wasn’t the first time this has happened at an LGBTQ event.

“Even the Pride Festival ran into problems with people at the door misgendering people,” she said.

Even though Queer Meals decided not to accept any funds from LoveLoud this year, they say they aren’t mad at the concert organizers.

“We are not angry at LoveLoud. We are actually trying to work with them to make sure that next years is even better,” said Mooreman.

LoveLoud posted a statement on Facebook, saying that they want people’s feedback.

“We were saddened to hear that a few of our LGBTQ+ community members faced discrimination at last night’s festival,” the statement said. “We have a zero-tolerance policy toward any behavior that makes anyone feel unsafe or unwelcome.”

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