Pro wrestler defends gayest breakfast cereal ever with a spoonful of positivity

Booty O's
Photo: WWE

One of the WWE wrestlers behind the cereal Booty-O’s has responded to criticism that it’s “homosexuality food.”

Booty O’s is a real cereal that people can buy and eat based off a fake cereal featured in a wrestling act. The box features caricatures of the WWE group The New Day on the front, three wrestlers whose image is based on “positivity.”

The totally not-gay-at-all oat-based breakfast cereal includes marshmallows in the shape of unicorn horns, rainbows, trombones, and, of course, booties. Plus there’s a unicorn mask on the back that you can cut out and wear.

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The cereal itself is, as the top Amazon reviewer put it, “a more expensive box of Lucky Charms.” They did not mention whether or not it turned them gay.

Booty O's promo

It seems like something you’d find on a drag queen’s merch table, but The New Day is not a product of LGBTQ culture. None of the three wrestlers in the group publicly identify as queer.

The pink and blue spandex with rainbows, the unicorns, and the trombone are all about positivity.

Which is a message New Day member Xavier Woods stuck with when someone on Twitter called Booty O’s gay.

Dahneel Ben Yasharahla posted a message telling people to “protect your children from this subliminal gay crap” and suggested that there’s “some type of gay drug” in the cereal.

Woods responded, calling the suggestion that Booty O’s is gay a “fever dream.” He went on to ask what the problem would be if the cereal actually were gay.

That’s actually a really positive way for a straight person to handle it, showing how committed The New Day is to their wrestling gimmick.

Here’s the popular trio promoting their cereal to an adoring crowd.

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