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This small town mayor & his husband got drunk at Pride. Then they got arrested.

Mugshots of Elmwood Place mayor Bill Wilson and his husband, Bill Smith.
Elmwood Place mayor Bill Wilson and his husband, Bill Smith, were charged with domestic violence and disorderly conduct after getting drunk at Cincinnati Pride. Photo: Elmwood Police Department

Bill Wilson, the mayor of Elmwood Place, Ohio, and his husband, Bill Smith, the town’s maintenance supervisor, gave the small village a black eye with their behavior after Cincinnati Pride. They gave each other black eyes too.

The two had too much to drink at the festival and got into an argument about who was “the drunkest” and which one should drive home. The fight turned physical during the car ride and continued after they got home.

When police arrived, the men were rolling around in broken glass in the foyer of their home. Both men sustained eye injuries and small cuts from the glass.

Since police couldn’t determine which man was the aggressor, they arrested both of them for domestic violence and disorderly conduct.

“They should hold a higher regard of who they are and set a better example then out here in the public, they’re out here fighting,” Elmwood resident Mickey Turner told local television station WLWT.

“You got to have a leader, you’ve got to have a good leader. You lead by example. That’s not by example.”

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