Pride in Pictures 1992: Lesbian rappers

Pride in Pictures 1992: Lesbian rappers
The Lesbian Rap Group of Lincroft prepares to march in a 1992 New Jersey Pride celebration.Photo: National Museum of American History

Sit back a moment.

There’s plenty to dissect in this photo —the Lesbian Rap Group, of Lincroft, New Jersey.

Lesbians as rappers? Why not? By 1992, hip-hop was in its golden age, with prodigies inventing themselves, creating art and crafting wordplay. Whether serious or tongue in cheek, these folks get our thumbs up.

A pet in tow? Of course. Pets are our family, and they’ve long had a place at Pride.

The personalized T-shirt? “Closets are for clothes” — that’s a Pride classic.

In the background is the sign, “More than you can count: Celebrating the lives and works of lesbians.” Couldn’t have said it better.

And, finally, it’s New Jersey. Pride isn’t just for New Yorkers, you know.