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This gay teen left a suicide note that will break your heart

This gay teen left a suicide note that will break your heart
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Peter Delacroix, a gay youth pastor, posted a suicide note to Twitter from a teen he peer-counseled.

Delacroix said he woke up early on Saturday and found an email from a teen named “Max.” When he realized that it was a suicide note, he headed over to Max’s house.

But by the time he got there, Max had already hanged himself and paramedics couldn’t resuscitate him – he had been gone too long.

Delacroix said that the teen’s grandmother wanted him to share Max’s suicide note. He struggled with the request, but decided to share it because “I cannot in good conscience silence his last words.”

Here is the note.

Dear World

You are ugly and dirty and you make me feel ugly and dirty. I have heard all my life that I am a sinner even though I love God and I like to think God loves me too.

I’m sorry Jack that I didn’t kiss you that day. I’m sorry Pastor Pete but please don’t be sad. Mostly I’m sorry Gramma because I know you tried really hard to love me when no one else would. I’m sorry I let you all down. I’m sorry but I’m just tired of all the hate.

I’m tired and want to sleep forever but maybe I will wake up in Heaven and there will be no hate there and only love. No one will call me bad names or hit me or remind me of my accidental place here.

Everyday I watch the news and see the hate against people like me and I realize I have no future. This country I don’t recognize anymore hates me and makes laws to punish me just because I’m gay.

They hate me because I love too much and love too wrong. I learned that my kind of love is bad. I heard it enough to believe it a long time ago.

Everyday someone comes along that tells me that I am worthless and my love, how I love, who I love is an affront to God as if anyone truly knows God’s mind.

I love beautiful things and I cry when they are gone. There is no more beauty left in the world. It has been replaced with this alien thing called hate. Bad people killed all the beautiful things. This is not a world I want to live in.

This is my choice the only choice I was ever given and it is mine alone.

I love you but I won’t miss any of this and I don’t think in the end I will be missed much at all in a world that looks at me like I’m something dirty they found on the bottom of their shoe.

I’m sorry I was weak and that I loved too much.


Delacroix told his followers on Twitter that if anyone is considering suicide, they should call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or visit their website.

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