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Gay Republicans shocked New Hampshire GOP is still antigay & their ‘ally’ in office won’t help

Gay Republicans shocked New Hampshire GOP is still antigay & their ‘ally’ in office won’t help

Log Cabin Republicans have been holding New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu up as a model “inclusive” politician. Now they have egg on their face again, when Sununu, like a typical Republican, refused to stand up for LGBT people.

The state party platform includes a plank that praises “traditional families” and says marriage should be “between one man and one woman.” GOP leaders refused to entertain a proposal that would have removed the language.

“As a gay, married, conservative man, am I disappointed there was no discussion on the party’s platform last week? Absolutely,” Log Cabin Republican New Hampshire chapter co-chairman Doug Palardy told the Concord Monitor.

While the group thought Governor Sununu would support the measure, proposed by the former head of the state party, their hopes were dashed when Sununu refused to get involved. The new head of the state party was handpicked by the governor.

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“I really don’t get involved in platform issues” Sununu told reporters as he tried to distance himself from the controversy. Two days later he spoke at the Log Cabin group’s fundraising dinner.

“Jeanie Forrester is the chairman of the NHGOP, last time I checked,” Sununu told reporters. “Can you pick apart each party’s platform? Of course you could on individual issues, but we’ll leave it up to those delegates to determine where that platform should go.”

“This is a party with a big tent. Are we going to agree on every issue within the platform? Not necessarily, but that’s okay. At the end of the day we all galvanize together as Republicans.”

Board member Matt Mayberry also made sure to wring his hands and pretend to be shocked that the Republican party wasn’t a bastion of civil rights. Mayberry, it should be noted, is a former vice-chair of the state party and was in the position while the party continued to ratify the plank.

“I wish we had the opportunity to have the discussion, but that didn’t happen,” Mayberry said.

“There are times, sure, that we all get frustrated. Sometimes change doesn’t come fast enough. But change does come, has come, and will continue to come,” he added.

Here’s a hint for Mayberry and Palardy. Want faster change? Become a Democrat, Green, or Libertarian even. They all have better stances on LGBTQ civil rights than the Republicans.


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