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‘A few lesbians’ in leadership means Black Lives Matter will fail says perennial loser

Bishop Harry Jackson Jr
Bishop Harry Jackson Jr Photo: screenshot

Pentecostal preacher Reverend Harry Jackson Jr. is back with an attack on LGBT people in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jackson attempted to gain relevance on disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker’s television show last week by taking swipes at LGBT people and the Black Lives Matter movement. Bakker, who went to prison for financial misdeeds, now hawks “end times” buckets of survival supplies to his followers.

“We can’t have social justice, we need biblical justice,” Jackson said. “It matters that Black Lives Matter has, at the head, a few lesbians who are against the patriarchal society.”

Jackson claimed it is easier for “black folks” to offer this critique because “white folks, you have a hard time saying this about Black Lives Matter.”

This isn’t the first time Jackson has carried water for the white evangelical movement. He’s one of the people their leaders trot out before the cameras when they want to appeal to African-American voters or need to put a non-white face on their divisive rhetoric.

It hasn’t worked all that well where Jackson is concerned. You might remember Jackson from the failed attempt to force D.C.’s marriage equality law to a ballot measure. Jackson was also a leading voice in efforts to repeal Maryland’s marriage equality law by trying to spread anti-gay fervor among African-Americans.

Both efforts failed. The courts blocked attempts to undo D.C.’s gay marriage law. And marriage equality passed with a healthy margin of victory due to the support of African-American voters.

Now, Jackson is using LGBT people to attack Black Lives Matter, because Black Lives Matter is winning. Movements like it win just by not going away. Its critics have been unable to silence it, and Jackson won’t succeed either.

But that won’t stop Henry Jackson. He never seems to tire of losing or being wrong.

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