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This teen girl got sweet revenge after getting fat-shamed in a cupcake shop

When another customer tried to fat-shame Vega Blossom at a cupcake shop in Valparaiso, Indiana, the teenager got sweet satisfaction.

“Let’s hope this fat bitch doesn’t buy all the cupcakes,” an impatient and badly mannered woman standing behind Blossom told her friend as they stood in line waiting their turn.

“I swallowed the hurt and thought of the best possible thing I could do back to them that wasn’t horrible, but that would teach them a lesson about respecting others,” she told Caters News.

So she bought every single cupcake left in the store leaving nary a crumb for the mean spirited women behind her.

“Originally I was buying six but as soon as I heard that I BOUGHT EVERY DAMN CUPCAKE. I SPENT $54 ON CUPCAKES JUST TO BE A BITCH,” Blossom wrote in a Facebook post that’s now gone viral.

But, wait. It gets even better. As she walked out the door with her purchase, she gave one more twist to the proverbial knife.

“I looked the pair straight in the eye and asked, ‘Could you please open the door for me? My hands are a bit full,” she said. “Reluctantly, one woman held the door open before following me outside.”

“Growing up a chubbier girl, I always got snide comments about my weight from people who, for some reason, think it’s their business,” Blossom told Caters. “Things like this usually wouldn’t bug me, but the fact that I didn’t know these women and they said this so rudely and loudly — so I could obviously hear it — was different than other times.”

“Hopefully, this was a lesson in treating others kindly and maybe a lesson in karma as well,” she added.

“I think, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Tonight, i was really petty. So i saw on fb that a local bakery was having a sale on everything before they close…

Posted by Vega Blossom on Saturday, March 31, 2018

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