These ‘Drag Race’ stars were attacked at a kabob shop. They got the last laugh.

Farrah Moan (left) and Shea CouleéPhoto: Instagram/Farrah Moan

People at a kebab shop shouted anti-gay slurs at two contestants from season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

They apparently didn’t know that drag queens are trained in the fine art of reading.

Farrah Moan and Shea Couleé were in Newcastle in the north of England on tour when they went to a kebab shop… in pink hair.

Some drunk women shouted slurs like “slut” and “faggot” at them, and someone started recording the altercation on their phone.

In the video Farrah can be heard saying, “We’re touring the world being gay while you’re living in Newcastle with your crusty ass eyelashes.”

Shea laughed at the read, and one of the girls responded with hate: “You’re a walking STD.”

After the video was posted, Farrah explained what happened on Twitter.

Then something strange happened: people from Newcastles apologized for their city.

“No need,” said Farrah.

A class act to her fans, but not to the haters.

Still, it’s 2018 and gay people can get slurs shouted at them in public. No matter how great anyone’s response is, it’s scary that it happened at all.

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