Brian Sims will not be America’s first gay president. But he knows who will be.

Brian SimsPhoto: Queerty

Out Pennsylvania politician Brian Sims is a darling of the LGBTQ community. Bloggers and pundits have constantly predicted the handsome legislator will be the country’s first openly gay president.

But Sims says he’s not interested in the job, but he’s pledging his support to the person who will be.

In a wide ranging interview with our sister site, Queerty, Sims spells it out in his blunt and unmistakable style. Asked if he plans on occupying the White House someday, Sims shot back with the best possible answer:

No, but I want to help her get elected. It won’t be me.”

Sims continues the theme throughout the wide-ranging interview, commenting on his rise as an unlikely sex symbol and how different he is treated than women who are judged on their looks and clothing choices, the effect of the #metoo movement on politics, Black Panther, the Grateful Dead, and the need for gun reform.

And he doesn’t hold back about Donald Trump’s toxic effect on American politics either.

“I think Trump is just the most painfully unqualified person to ever be President,” Sims says. “I think he’s a monster.”

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