Trans people are leading the way for cyborgs to gain rights in latest Deep State conspiracy theory

Trans people are leading the way for cyborgs to gain rights in latest Deep State conspiracy theory
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The far right media is full of conspiracy theories and crackpot pundits, but none are as flat-out crazy as Alex Jones from InfoWars. This time, he’s given us a doozy.

The infamous conspiracy theorist claimed on a recent show that the “trans movement” isn’t actually about transgender people. It’s part of a plan by the Deep State to give civil rights to cyborgs and humanoids – and force people to allow their neighbors to have sex with their cars.

Saying he was about to “get to what the whole trans movement’s about,” Jones launched into what has to be one of his nuttiest monologues yet.

He started out claiming that “official” executives from Facebook and Twitter called him to say they don’t want to ban him from their platforms, but needed him to stop saying “tranny” on air. But what could be behind these imaginary calls?

“It’s not the people – men who want to be women or women who want to be men – it has nothing to do with that,” Jones says. “It has to do with something bigger.”

“The most protected class are going to be augmented humans—cyborgs, you name it. And you’re going to have humanoids, which again isn’t a man and a woman with the chromosomes splicing together,” Jones said before referencing a story about a child born with DNA from three parents.

“It’s not a human. It’s something different when you’ve got three parents. And you say, ‘Oh, we just changed some genes over here.’ It changes the whole deal, especially if you start mixing two women. That’s a whole nother subject because women have double the genetic code and then some.”

That launches the windbag into a screed about the LGBT community adding new letters to the end of the abbreviation to include other identities and the expanded gender identity options available on Facebook. At one point he even claims there’s a letter for “people who want to have sex with cars. Want to know what that group’s called?”

For the record, wanting to have sex with a mechanical object is a paraphilia called “Mechanophilia.” It is not a sexual orientation and no one has ever tried to get it added to the LGBT umbrella.

“It’ll be like the national religion to go ‘L3Q943ABCQPBLV543Z92 dot dot dot 34Q5974,’” Jones adds. “I mean, it’s just total mental illness, but it’s how you destroy a civilization.”

“We’re not attacking the hermaphrodites. The point is that it’s happening to the animals too.”

Strangely enough, Jones didn’t find a way to conclude the segment with the wild accusation that transgender people wanted to have sex with cyborgs to birth a steampunk anti-Christ with the DNA of three women. There’s always next week.

Watch the lunacy below and cry through your tears when you remember that some idiots actually believe this guy.

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