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The model who married a retired priest then left him homeless just made everything even more awful

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Florin Marin and retired priest Philip Clements Photo: Screenshot/KMTV

The 24 year-old male model who left his 79 year-old retired priest husband homeless after he signed their apartment over to him has pawned his wedding ring, reports Pink News.

Philip Clements met Florin Marin on a dating site, and the pair were wed last year in a bizarre ceremony in which Marin seemed less than enthused to be marrying the older man.

Clements sold his home in Kent, England, and bought an apartment in Bucharest, Romania, for the pair to live in. It wasn’t long before trouble hit, with Marin spending late nights out clubbing with his friends, an activity Clements was told he was too old to participate in, leaving him home alone.

Clements said he signed over the apartment before the couple began fighting, saying he wanted to make sure his husband would have security after he died. When the pair split, Clements was left homeless, relying on friends to put him up.

“It was of course foolish, it was heart over head, it really was a silly thing to do and giving him the property was a silly thing to do in retrospect,” he admitted.

Yet it seems he might not have learned his lesson.

“I don’t blame Florin for it because I voluntarily gave it to him thinking we would both be living there,” he said.

And he is hoping there is still a chance they will end up together, even though Marin has moved on to another man.

“Florin is talking of coming over again in the Spring and is having two or three days together again,” he said.  “Then to look around and see if there are any flats that we can afford in the area.”

Marin’s new man is Jeronimo Jesus de Vega, 48, who jumped on the chance to be the next sugar daddy in line when he read of his split from Clements.

“He wrote me on Facebook after learning that I had separated from Philip and told me he wanted to know me,” Marin told Click!, a Romanian publication. “I told him to buy the plane tickets, that I was not just going to get my money. He waited at the airport with white roses, I was pleasantly surprised.”

Jeronimo Jesus de Vega, Florin Marin
Marin with his new man, Jeronimo Jesus de Vega. YouTube Screenshot (Fashionista TV)

“After that, we went to a gay club in Alicante, drank tonic and went to his home and slept together,” he added.

He also said that he liked his new man better because he was younger and richer, and claimed Clements knew about him. Clements denied having such knowledge.

This news, plus the report that he has pawned off his wedding ring, will hopefully give Clements pause.

While it is easy to pass judgment on Clements, it is helpful to remember that the man lived the vast majority of his life in the closet. This story can serve as a cautionary tale of what can happen when you are forced to spend your life in the closet.

Clements is, for all intents and purposes, a teenage boy trapped in an old man’s body.

He didn’t get to make the same dumb dating mistakes we all do when he was in his younger years, so now he’s learning the hard way that you can’t trust every “pretty” face that flashes a smile. Unfortunately for him, it came during a period of his life where he actually had something substantial in the way of property and goods to lose.

Maybe he will finally cut his loses.

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