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Fresh off covering up sexual assault, Tony Perkins gives Trump a ‘mulligan’ for affair

Why is hate group leader Tony Perkins still allowed to present himself as America’s Best Christian? Not only is he still booked for TV appearances, he’s been warmly embraced by President Trump and is the de facto leader of the modern religious right.

He’s also covered up the sexual assault of a teenage boy by a “family values” politician and now the holier-than-thou puritan is giving Trump “a mulligan” for his affair and subsequent payoff of porn star Stormy Daniels.

“We kind of gave him… ‘All right, you get a mulligan. You get a do-over here,’” Perkins said in an episode of Politico‘s Off Message podcast.

Christians “were tired of being kicked around by Barack Obama and his leftists. And I think they are finally glad that there’s somebody on the playground that is willing to punch the bully,” he said.

When asked what happened to “turn the other cheek,” Perkins decided that it was time to ignore his supposedly holy text in favor of a less Christ-like stance.

“You know, you only have two cheeks,” Perkins replied. “Look, Christianity is not all about being a welcome mat which people can just stomp their feet on.”

After Perkins’ comments made national news for being particularly forgiving of sexual “sin,” he turned to his “Washington Update” column to try to defend himself.

“What most liberals don’t seem to understand is that when Christians went to the voting booth, they didn’t choose a leader based on personality — but policy,” Perkins wrote. “And on everything from life and religious liberty to the military and Supreme Court, he hasn’t proven conservatives wrong.”

“Now, our support for the president isn’t unconditional, but until he gives us reason to doubt, Trump’s actions only reinforce the decision most of us made in 2016. Obviously, the Left wants to shame Christians for the president’s past moral failings. The goal is the same as always: marginalize and stigmatize conservatives so that they disengage or lose focus.”

If Trump, who doesn’t know how to pronounce the name of books in the Bible, who has had numerous affairs and bragged about sexually assaulting women hasn’t given Christians “reason to doubt,” perhaps Perkins needs to pull that log out of his eye.

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