This junior high newsletter gave parents an unexpected holiday surprise

This junior high newsletter gave parents an unexpected holiday surprise
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So are these the reindeer games Rudolph so sorely missed out on?

A Junior High school in Plymouth, England shocked parents and students alike this month by sending out a newsletter encouraging parents to let their kids wear ugly Christmas sweaters to school.

In recent years, of course, ugly Christmas sweaters have become something of an ironic fashion, with major franchise brands like Nintendo and Star Wars lending their characters to purposely hideous sweaters. Hyde Park Junior High wanted to take advantage of the trend as a way to celebrate the season.

Little did they know the pile of snowman dung they’d just stepped into. The school newsletter sent out an example sweater, which apparently went overlooked by school faculty members.

The sweater itself had embroidered designs of reindeer having sex embossed on the front. (See it below.) In essence, the school endorsed a reindeer orgy. As a side note, Twitter users have also pointed out that since male reindeer actually shed their antlers in winter, the reindeer appear to have a lesbian orgy.

Officials for Hyde Park Junior High apologized for the oversight. Meanwhile, all the students got a course in lesbian sex education and holiday fashion sense.

Reindeer games? David Reddish

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