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These gay men took a beating to protect their friend from an abusive ex

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Two men were beaten by a man who didn’t want his girlfriend hanging out with gay people.

A few days after Thanksgiving, a woman went to her gay friends’ home in Covington, Kentucky, a suburb of Cincinnati. None of their identities have been released to the public.

While she was visiting them, her ex-boyfriend David Bruckman broke into her home and stole from her. He also broke her TV, kitchen cabinets, and other belongings.

She already had a restraining order against him.

When she got home and saw what happened, she called the gay couple and they went to her home to console her and help her clean up.

Bruckman called her several times to harass her. When one of the gay men picked up her phone and told him to stop calling, he got angry and said, “Fuck you, faggots, cock-sucking bitches.” Police said that Bruckman had previously told her not to hang out with gay people.

He continued to call, and one of the gay friends called him back and left a message telling him to stop. That’s when police say he decided to go back to her home with a friend.

“Her ex-boyfriend and someone else forced entry,” officer David Griswald said at a preliminary hearing for Bruckman. “He doesn’t like her hanging out with homosexuals.”

He and the friend beat up the gay couple, shouting anti-gay invective like “Fuck you faggot” and “faggot bitch.”

“Basically just telling us that you know, we were going to be assaulted because of who we were, because we were gay and he didn’t want her hanging out with gay people,” one of the victims said.

The victims were left with broken eye sockets and noses and fractured cheekbones. The injuries caused excruciating pain, and they needed reconstructive surgery.

The woman drove her friends to the hospital and returned home later that night, and Bruckman went back to her home again. She called 911, and police found Bruckman beating her and arrested him.

Police are still looking for his accomplice.

“I never expected this to be as real as it is, that nowadays there are still so many people that harbor so much hate for somebody because of who they are,” one of the victims said.

Bruckman is being held on $25,000 bond on two counts of first degree burglary, second degree assault, first degree unlawful imprisonment, and violation of an emergency protective order.

The judge refused to lower bond, saying that Bruckman is “an extreme danger.”

The county prosecutor said that hate crimes enhancements may be applied.

The men have started a GoFundMe page to pay for medical treatment, lost wages, and legal costs.

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