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Anthony Rapp tweets about the hate he’s received since accusing Kevin Spacey

Anthony Rapp (L) and Kevin Spacey
Anthony Rapp (L) and Kevin SpaceyPhoto: Wikipedia

In October, Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp accused Kevin Spacey of sexually assaulting him when he was 14-years-old and Spacey was 26.

In the week that followed, a number of other were made against Spacey by others, including eight crew members from House of Cards, the Netflix show that Spacey starred in, who accused him of making the work environment “toxic.” It was also revealed that Netflix had already disciplined Spacey earlier in the show’s run for sexual harassment.

House of Cards was set to be canceled after its final season this year before Rapp’s accusation, but production was halted that week as producers decided how to react and “address any concerns of our cast and crew.” Several days after that statement, Spacey was fired from the show but Netflix announced that the final season would still be produced.

The indirect relationship between Rapp’s accusation and Netflix’s decision to fire Spacey – as well as the fact that House of Cards was already scheduled for its final season – was lost on fans, many of whom took out their anger on Rapp.

Moreover, even if Netflix did boot Spacey based solely on Rapp’s story, it would be Spacey’s fault for doing what he did, not Rapp’s for talking about it. Making the accusation – not the assault – the problem is a way of telling victims everywhere to shut up.

The Star Trek actor tweeted some of the comments he has received on social media, saying that these people needed to be “outed for their harassment.”

And others just called him names.

Another person suggested what people often suggest sexual assault victims do: work things out with their attackers on their own. How dare they ask anyone else to get involved!

Another argued for a man’s “right” to have sex with 14-year-olds.

Some made it clear that their favorite TV show is more important than Netflix providing a safe workplace for its workers.

A lot of people couldn’t understand why Rapp didn’t come forward with his accusation in the 1980’s as a teenager, even as they were calling him names.

And others were just homophobic.

Rapp said that he has gotten more positive messages than negative ones, but that the negative ones still hurt.

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