Together at last: Watching these wives reunite is giving the internet all the feelz

Hayley Angell screenshot

British Airways had a special surprise for Hayley Angell and her wife, Lisa Harris, was in on the secret.

The wives were separated on Valentine’s Day when Hayley had to leave the UK for Australia to care for her dying father. Her mother is disabled and after her father passed, Hayley had to stay to take care of her mom.

Lisa wrote a letter to the airline explaining their situation and got a shock when the company wrote back. They would fly Hayley and her mom to the UK so the two lovebirds could be reunited at last.

Watch this beautiful story play out and be sure to grab your Kleenex.

If you want to share your story with the airline in hopes of winning a surprise for someone you love, click over to their website and let them know.

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