Kevin Spacey just got fired by his agency & his publicist

Kevin Spacey just got fired by his agency & his publicist
Kevin SpaceyPhoto: Shutterstock

After multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault, Kevin Spacey’s career is in shambles. And after days of multiple men accusing the star, he has now been dropped by his longtime agency and his publicist according to Buzzfeed News.

Spacey’s fall from grace started after out actor Anthony Rapp accused him of assault when Rapp was 14-years-old. Two other anonymous accusations quickly followed, but then actors Tony Montana and XY told their stories around the same time a British bartender said Spacey had exposed himself to him. Yesterday another anonymous man claimed the award winning actor tried to rape him.

Netflix quickly suspended production on their hit series “House of Cards” and eight crew members have now stepped forward to say Spacey’s nonstop sexual harassment made it a “toxic” work environment.

Earlier this week, his publicist said Spacey is taking a break from acting to seek unspecified treatment.

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