Hillary Clinton trashes Donald Trump on LGBTQ rights
Photo: Screenshot/YouTube

Hillary Clinton spoke at an HRC gala last night and spoke about Donald Trump’s terrible record so far on LGBTQ issues.

Following Billie Jean King’s introduction, Clinton thanked the room and talked about the accomplishments of the last few years. We have made a lot of progress, she said, “that we started a little bit to take for granted.”

She talked how Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act would make it legal for health insurers to discriminate on sexual orientation and gender identity. She also called out the White House for its attempts to reduce funding for fighting HIV/AIDS.

When the audience booed, she said that was the “appropriate response,” adding, “Don’t boo, call the Congress and say you will not stand for that.”

She went on to talk about transgender rights in schools, promoting LGBTQ rights abroad, religious exemptions to anti-discrimination laws, the Equality Act, conversion therapy, and Roy Moore’s candidacy.

Clinton also riffed on a few of her most famous phrases, saying “Gay rights are human rights” and “I’m with you.”

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