Frank Ocean threw a ‘Paris Is Burning’ themed 30th birthday party & it was everything

Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Photo: Shutterstock

Frank Ocean said goodbye to his twenties and hello to his thirties in glorious style, with a Paris Is Burning themed birthday party.

Ocean strutted in his one-sleeved red shirt and shiny, tight pants, alongside guests like Tyler, The Creator (who recently came out), Joanne the Scammer, and RuPaul’s Drag Race stars Gia Gunn, Shangela, and Kim Chi.

He then blew out the candles on his fabulous Eiffel Tower cake.

Ocean sampled part of the 1990 documentary on New York City’s ball scene in a track from last year’s video album Endless.

Watch the festivities play out in the video below.

Watch the Paris Is Burning trailer below.

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