You can binge watch Ellen’s old sitcom today for National Coming Out Day

Ellen DeGeneres and Laura Dern in Ellen's iconic coming out scene Hulu

In honor of National Coming Out Day, you can watch every episode of Ellen DeGeneres old ABC sitcom, Ellen on Hulu for free.

All five seasons of the comedy series – including the groundbreaking “The Puppy Episode” will be available. The historic two-part episode (Season 4, Episodes 22 & 23) featured special guests Oprah Winfrey and Laura Dern, who play her therapist and her love interest, respectively. It first aired 20 years ago.

Ellen revolves around Ellen Morgan (DeGeneres), a neurotic bookstore owner who deals with life through comedy and extensive rambling. The series co-starred Jeremy Piven, Joely Fisher, Clea Lewis and David Anthony Higgins.

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