This adorable ad for honey features three bears who don’t need Goldilocks

Rowse Honey's three bears screenshot

Rowse Honey’s latest ad campaign isn’t your usual fairy tale. Or maybe it is… The first commercial introduces three bears who have no need for a Goldilocks – and we’re not talking Grizzlies.

Matt, Joe, and Phil live in a cabin in the woods and these bears love honey. The clever campaign will feature multiple “episodes” of the three bears at work – as cooking show hosts with a penchant for porridge.

“Meet Joel, Phil and Matt, the stars of a breakfast show with added Grrr, brought to you by Rowse Honey,” according to promotional copy for the campaign. “When it comes to a delicious, high energy breakfast, the Bears know best.”

“The mornings can be a bit grizzly when you’re cold and hungry. Beat the Winter blues with a delicious bowl of warm porridge and Rowse honey, a natural winter defence. If that doesn’t work, a big hairy bear hug usually does the trick.”

A trailer for the “show” and the first episode are already live, with more episodes ready for future release.

If you’re looking for some delicious sounding porridge recipes, head over to their YouTube page.

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