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10 up-and-coming vloggers about to take over YouTube

10 up-and-coming vloggers about to take over YouTube

Get a good look at this diverse range of faces–you’re going to be seeing a lot more of them. Because past is prologue during LGBT History Month, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite upstart LGBT YouTubers starting to make a splash right now. These folks are opening up their lives, sharing their experiences, and connecting with queers around the world to remind us that we’re all part of a great big diverse family. They are our future, so you might as well start enjoying them now.

Check out just a sampling of our favorites below — we know there’s a bunch we’re leaving out, so let us know in the comments who else should be included in this list.

1. Thomas Halbert

Despite the monotone, Thomas assures us he is, indeed, a happy person. And who wouldn’t be, with such a mastery of beauty supplies at one’s fingertips? He’s got the tips to get your looking outside how you feel inside.

2. Alex Naquin

Alex has the inside scoop on the life of a gay teenager. From coming out to having opinions to conquering self-doubt, you’ll feel like there’s a teenager talking nonstop right there in the room with you.

3. Eric Angelo

For a slightly more adult take on gay life, check out Eric Angelo’s videos about life, laughs and liquor. He’s got tips on everything from underwear to what to do outside of them. He also recently fought with a “hot gay trump supporter,” which is generous considering it’s far more conversation than we’d give to such a political persuasion.

4. Jimmy Fowlie

This LA comedian keeps us in stitches from his home base in Los Angeles with his political comedy. He teaches at Groundlings, so no wonder he’s a pro.

5. Alex Bertie

Alex Bertie likes to boast that he has “designer nipples,” but this upbeat transman is more than just his transition story: he makes confessional videos about feeling antisocial, about tattoos, and about kitties and puppies and snakes. His book, “Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard” comes out in November.

6. Memekeeley

Looking for beauty, fashion and lifestyle? Search no further! Every week you’ll get reviews and looks and fun friendly chat about feeling great about how you look.

7. Jomie Hospital

This Filipino blogger keeps very busy indeed with vlogging and comedy. You might see some wigs, or learn a dance, or pick up some Tagalog — but whatever happens, you’ll definitely learn a thing or two.

8. Sarah Croce

“Official home of calling in drunk,” Sarah calls her channel, and that sounds just fine to us. She’ll have funny, educational and slightly self-deprecating videos all about her fantastic lesbian life.

9. Sebastian Castro

For a queer take on Manila, look no further than Sebastian’s cute videos of drag queens, boyfriends, pride and activism. He’s got a unique take on life and love — plus the occasional music video.

10. Flawless Kevin

Kevin is about as full of rainbows as any person can be, which means lots of exclamation points and lots of volume. He’ll gush about school, shriek at K-pop, make noise about bullies and backpacks, and keep you up at night with his thoughts on school pictures. Ah, youth.

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