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Trans woman beaten by 3 men at a taco restaurant in terrifying crime

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A trans woman was insulted by a group of three men and then beaten last week.

The woman was at the Rancho Bravo restaurant in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. After receiving her food, three men started to harass her.

She said that the men said that she was not really a woman and that they filmed her with a phone. She tried to grab the phone from one man’s hand, and then another punched her in the face.

She told police that she was beaten by all three men and pretended to pass out so that they would stop. An employee at the restaurant stepped in to help her.

The police report says that she had a cut a swollen eye and blood on her face and chest.

The suspects have not been caught. Rancho Bravo said on Facebook that they do not have surveillance cameras in the dining area “out of respect for personal privacy.” They are reconsidering that stance.

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