People are remixing Maxine Waters’ ‘reclaiming my time’ & the results are glorious

Congresswoman Maxine Waters Associated Press

When Congresswoman ‘Auntie’ Maxine Waters destroyed Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin during a congressional hearing for spouting platitudes instead of answering her question, the internet went nuts. Twitter exploded, memes were made, and video of the exchange quickly went viral.

Waters’ sass and domination of the proceedings is amazing enough, but now people are remixing her clapback and when set to music, the results are glorious. From gospel to dance music, they’re definitely not a waste of time.

The entire exchange was over a letter Waters and her colleagues sent to Mnuchin that he didn’t answer. Here’s the original video.

First up we have YouTuber Mykal Kilgore, who turned Waters’ fierceness into a gospel song. Singing all six parts, Kilgore was the first out of the gate and he set an incredibly high bar.

Adam Joseph, however, stepped up to the challenge and gives us a remixed dance version that, like Waters’ clapback itself, will get you on your feet and pumped up. He’s currently doing a GoFundMe and if you donate, he’ll send you the track along with two others.

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