Lesbian couple abused by hotel staff during their ‘honeymoon from hell’

Lesbian couple abused by hotel staff during their ‘honeymoon from hell’
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Emma Morris and her wife, Jo, had a lovely wedding but when they traveled from their home in Britain to a luxury five-star Mexican resort, hotel staff made it the “honeymoon from hell.” They say staff at the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum Resort in Riviera Maya became hostile to the couple when they found out the women were a couple.

The couple says staff called Jo a “fucking dyke” after she called Emma her wife and the abuse only got worse. They say staff broke their belongings, didn’t clean their room, and refused to serve them in the hotel dining room and bar areas.

Emma told the couple’s harrowing ordeal that left Jo injured and the couple holed up in their room for the rest of their stay.

“The first few days were good but my wife had used the phrase ‘my wife’ when talking about me to various members of staff, this is when everything changed,” she told the Daily Mail. “We were ignored at the restaurant and we weren’t allowed to get our own drinks. We would make contact with various waiters, raise our hands but they either went to a table that arrived after us or just simply stood at the bar and didn’t serve us.

“My wife had to go to the bar to ask for drinks but was often told she must sit down and wait to be served. This happened at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The bar staff at the pool bar told my wife that she can’t have what she wanted to drink and must have ‘what she’s given’, which is not something you expect to hear at a 5 star all inclusive hotel.”

She says resort staff smashed a glass ashtray on the balcony and refused to clean it up – even after Jo cut her foot on the shards.

“When going into the balcony to put out our towels and swimwear to dry my wife discovered where the ashtray had gone. It was shattered on the floor of our balcony and a shard of glass went into Jo’s foot causing it to bleed,” Emma said.

“We went straight to reception and asked for them to clear it up, as it was their fault and we didn’t have anything to clear it up with without cutting ourselves with shards of glass. Over a five day period we went to a total of 13 members of staff, including managers, but this still wasn’t cleared up until finally a manager came to our room when the maids were cleaning nearby and they were told there and then to clear it up.”

The couple also found some of their belongings broken into pieces and hidden under a chair in their room.

“We are genuinely so upset we don’t have happy memories from our honeymoon and we can never get that back.”

The resort hasn’t responded to the allegations, but the travel company who booked their honeymoon offered them a £500 ($639) voucher for future trips booked through them or £300 ($383) in cash – less than 10% of the cost of the trip.

A month later and after pressure from the media and on social media, the agency gave one of the most tepid responses possible.

“We are always concerned to hear reports of this nature and are investigating the allegations that Ms Morris has made with the hotel. We will be contacting her again as soon as we have an update and hope to resolve this satisfactorily with her.”

If the allegations are true, the travel agency or the resort should fully refund the young couple’s costs. Honeymoons are priceless.

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