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Former Australian Prime Minister says his sister isn’t a good parent because she’s gay

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is getting downright offensive in his opposition to marriage equality. Now he’s not just insulting LGBT people in general, he’s taken aim at his sister.

Chris Forster, Abbott’s sister, is a lesbian raising six children with her partner, Virginia. She’s also been a vocal supporter of LGBT rights and she and her brother have traded barbs via social media and news reports.

This time, however, Abbott stooped incredibly low during a radio interview and insinuated his sister wasn’t a fit parent because she’s in love with a woman.

“My position on this is not driven by religion, it’s driven by the fact that marriage is what produces families, families are what produces communities and societies and nations,” Abbott said. “I want to strengthen the family, I want to support the traditional families because it’s better for kids, if possible, to have a mother and a father.”

“As everyone knows, my distinguished and much-loved sister Chris is on the other side of this argument. Chris has been a very good mother with her partner Virginia, they do a good job, but nevertheless I’m old fashioned enough to think kids do best with a mother and a father.

“Certainly, we all need male and female role models in our lives and normally the best male and female role models in our lives are our mother and a father.”

Studies worldwide have shown quite the opposite, in reality. Having gay or lesbian parents does not affect the wellbeing of children.

And, quite frankly, the best role models teach children not to discriminate against other people or insult their family with bigoted remarks in national media. But, hey, logic has never been a strong point for these folks.

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