We don’t need healthcare reform, we need a revolution

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Quality healthcare is a human right. Quality healthcare is a civil right in a just society – in any society! We, the people, must abolish any and all healthcare systems with profit as the primary goal.

Republicans are attempting to perpetrate a deceptive swindle in their Health(don’t)Care bills in the House and Senate. These Health(don’t)Care bills have nothing to do with health at all. They function as political cover to grant massive tax breaks to the rich.

Taking a victory lap following the vote House vote, Vice President Pence thanked all the “principled lawmakers” for their support in the bill’s passage.

They tout their scams as establishing “freedom of choice” to “freedom-loving” individuals while granting “enhanced rights” to states.

Translated from doublespeak to realspeak: “freedom of choice” means that with the bill’s elimination of a public mandate, individuals can choose not to purchase health care insurance, forgo preventative medicine, develop catastrophic ailments, and die in the street if they so choose, or they can go to a hospital emergency room for their primary care while other taxpayers pick up the tab. That’s freedom?

“Enhanced rights” for states translates to granting states and insurance companies federal waivers to charge people with pre-existing medical conditions much higher rates than other customers, substantially increase prices for older people, and disregard the mandate to cover specified services like pregnancy care.

In addition, this “wonderful” bill for “freedom-loving Americans” will cut Medicaid programs for low-income people, while allowing states to enact work requirements on Medicaid recipients. Oh, and let us not forget that the bill eliminates tax increases on the rich and super-rich as well as on the health industry. That’s wonderful?

In the final analysis, Republicans’ “liberty” and “freedom” perpetuates their vicious self-serving fraud on the people – except for the upper 10% in the ever-growing economic divide.

I am disgusted when politicians discuss destroying our current modest healthcare system to grant people “freedom of choice.” How very hypocritical!

They are the same politicians who continually work to take away women’s freedom of choice over their bodies. These are the same politicians who continually work to take away same-sex couples’ freedom of choice over whom they can legally marry.

These are the same politicians who continually work to deny trans people freedom of choice over which public facilities to use. These are the same politicians who continually work to take away good people’s right to travel to this country or to seek sanctuary from oppression.

A free people have guarantees they can go to a quality healthcare provider for preventative care without having to choose between care and food. A free people have guarantees they can go to a quality healthcare provider for ailments big and small without having to choose between care or paying for housing.

A free people have guarantees they can go to a quality healthcare provider for treatment of catastrophic ailments without having to choose between care and having sufficient funds for retirement or for sending their children to school.

A free people have guarantees to quality healthcare no matter their station in life, no matter their geographic location, no matter their physical and mental condition, no matter their social identities – no matter what!

The Republicans’ ultimate purpose is not to guarantee universal healthcare, but instead, to shrink the size of government substantially; to end governmental regulation of the private sector; to privatize state and federal governmental services, industries, and institutions including healthcare; to permanently incorporate across-the-board non-progressive marginal tax rates; to ensure market driven unfettered “free market” economies.

Back in the 2012 U.S. presidential campaign at the CNN-Tea Party-sponsored Republican presidential candidates’ debate in Florida the debate facilitator, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, asked then presidential candidate Ron Paul the hypothetical question of what we as a society should do in the case of a 30-year-old man who chooses not to purchase health insurance and later develops a serious life-threatening disease. Before Paul had a chance to answer Blitzer’s question, a number of audience members shouted “Let him die! Let him die!”

Is this the image of our country we want to continue projecting around the world? Is this the type of country “we the people” were promised? Is this the type of country in which “we the people” want to live?

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