Caitlyn Jenner pushes back: ‘I am not a spokesperson for the trans community’

Caitlyn Jenner on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Caitlyn Jenner on Jimmy Kimmel LivePhoto: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Caitlyn Jenner appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night to promote her new book Secrets of My Life and discuss a number of topics, including late night hosts like Kimmel mocking her during her transition.

While she more or less let Kimmel off the hook, she made an interesting statement in the process, particularly in light of her recent announcement that she is considering running for Senate in California.

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“I am not a spokesperson for the trans community, I am only really a spokesperson for my journey,” Jenner said.

She stressed that “every story is a different story, every journey is a different story” and added that she wanted to take her platform “and see if I can make a difference in the world.”

Jenner, a Republican, has voiced support for President Trump, whom she voted for, but has been critical of him at points as well.

When his Department of Justice rescinded an Obama-era directive to public schools instructing them to allow trans students to use the facilities matching their gender identity, Jenner asked Trump to call her.

She also said she would no longer consider going golfing with him.

Both were widely mocked as empty gestures.

Jenner’s conservative politics have often put her at odds with the LGBTQ community, only 14 percent of whom voted for Trump.

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That said, it isn’t just her politics that finds her on the receiving end of criticism from within the LGBTQ community.

For instance, there was the time she, along with gay athlete Gus Kenworthy, partied with the Prince of Brunei. Brunei is one of the most anti-LGBTQ countries in the world.

More recently, she drew rebuke for an Instagram post where she posed with Steven Tyler and said they were working on a duet of the Aerosmith song “Dude (Looks Like A Lady).”

She explained her thinking behind that post during her appearance on Kimmel, explaining that the song was her anthem.

She told that during her difficult times she would drive around and listen to the song as her “theme song” and that it “made her feel good.”

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