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Boom! Chelsea Clinton just owned Donald Trump on Twitter

Donald Trump went after Chelsea Clinton in his latest Twitter tirade, but the former first daughter wasn’t having it. Best of all, she did it in a way that not only showed respect for the presidency, but made it clear that Trump isn’t smart enough to be President.

Responding to criticism that Ivanka Trump replaced her father at the summit with G-20 leaders (seated between Chinese President Xi Jinping and British Prime Minister Theresa May), Trump did what Trump does. He attacked the Clintons and news media while attempting to avoid any responsibility.

First, Trump seems to forget that Chelsea Clinton’s father was President and didn’t ask her to sit in for him in any official capacity.

Second, what the hell does his tweet actually say? Was Ivanka “holding a seat” while her father gave away the country to Vladimir Putin?

Game. Set. Match.

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