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Ann Coulter throws a Twitter tantrum & Delta tells her to take a seat

ann coulter
Delta had enough of Ann Coulter's temper tantrum and told her to sit down.Photo: Gage Skidmore, Twitter

When Ann Coulter spent, according to her, $10,000 of her time deep-dive researching the seat she wanted on her Delta flight, she never expected she might face the horrors of a minor inconvenience.

Coulter specifically booked a seat with extra legroom, she said, and she didn’t take too kindly to being moved.

So she took to Twitter, every entitled whiner’s favorite weapon of choice, to not only bitch and moan about the whole situation but to also put staff and the woman moved to her former seat on blast by taking and posting their pictures.

Coulter was so bothered, she tweeted about Delta throughout the weekend. Here are but a sampling of those angry mini-missives:

Just look at those, “Can you believe we have to put up with this woman’s shit?” faces.

Delta tried being reasonable with the enraged Coulter, although it probably didn’t calm the diva down any when they called her by the wrong name in their initial, now deleted, tweet.

Poor Anna.

anna coulter delta

Eventually they got her name right, and threw $30 her way, but then told her not to mistake that monetary offering as a sign that she was not still firmly in the wrong.

Naturally, Delta wasn’t the only one teeing off on Coulter on Twitter. Live by the Twitter, get slain by the Twitter.

Anna  Anne, a suggestion: Next time save yourself the $10,000 of wasted time, and save everyone your histrionic wrath, and just book a first class seat.

You’ll apparently save money on the deal, so it seems the easy choice.

That is, if you can stand giving up the chance to opportunity to play the victim.

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