The top 20 queer anthems of all time

The top 20 queer anthems of all time
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Billboard magazine is out with a list of the top twenty gay anthems of all time and all your favorites on the list. While we agree with most of the rankings, how in the world could numbers three or four not score the top spot?

Here are the bottom ten, but you’ll have to watch the video for the rest. Tell us below what song you think should have been #1.

20. YMCA: The Village People
19. Supermodel (You Better Work): RuPaul
18. Raise Your Glass: P!nk
17. If I Could Turn Back Time: Cher
16. Keep On Livin: Le Tigre
15. Take Me Or Leave Me: Rent
14. Somewhere Over The Rainbow: Judy Garland
13. Relax: Frankie Goes to Hollywood
12. You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real): Sylvester
11. Closer To Fine: Indigo Girls
10. Vogue: Madonna

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