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Did the White House put the kibosh on humanitarian honor for Jimmy Carter?

Did the White House put the kibosh on humanitarian honor for Jimmy Carter?
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Washington is abuzz over something that didn’t happen during Argentina’s visit to the White House last week. Former president Jimmy Carter was to be presented with Argentina’s highest honor for a foreign citizen — the Order of the Liberator General San Martin award — for his humanitarian work.

And the reason it didn’t happen, CNN Español reports, is because the White House told them not to.

An Argentinean official, speaking on condition of anonymity, is quoted by CNN as saying that the decision to delay honoring the former president during the visit to the White House was “to avoid conflicts” and to focus strictly on “matters of mutual interest between the Trump government” and the Mauricio Macri administration.

CNN reported a source within the White House said officials were unaware of any pressure to delay the honor.

As JoeMyGod noted, this isn’t so surprising when you consider not only President Donald Trump’s ego but also the fact that Carter denounced Trump’s “lack of moral and ethical principles” during last year’s presidential campaign.

According to The New York Times, Macri and Trump have long enjoyed a close, “personal relationship” because of their past business deals in Argentina before they were elected leaders.

Macri met with Trump Thursday, the spotlight focused on them and only them, no other presidents.

CNN Español reported Carter will eventually receive the award, as the Chancellery of Argentina has again asked President Macri to present the decoration despite the rejection of the White House, and since it has already been approved by the Foreign Ministry and published in the Official Gazette.

But as for when, perhaps the song, “Cuando, cuando, cuando” is apropos.

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